Seed to Sale Software and Beyond

Track everything, manage patient data, package, and sell your products with a solution built for The Cannabis Act.

This is cannabis compliance made easy.

Ample Organics in Action



From user authentication and granular system permissions to advanced encryption and tokenization methods, we learn from best practices and go beyond industry standards to protect your data.



Our team is standing by to assist with troubleshooting, on-site training, Health Canada audits, recalls, and any curveballs that come your way.



The Ample Organics platform was built to facilitate compliance with Health Canada’s Cannabis Act reporting requirements.

Inside Our Seed-to-Sale Platform

Hardware Integration

Wireless scanner guns loaded with the Ample Organics software provide purpose-built workflow prompts, track every action, and update records instantly. This level of mobility and efficiency is unparalleled.

Complete Plant Tracking

Account for every leaf with pinpoint accuracy. Using a simple, all-digital barcode system, you can track every movement and destruction in real time.

Smart Harvests

Easily log harvest information. Record plant quantities, yield weight, and waste reduction with a flexible and efficient digital workflow that is built to scale with your facility.

Bulk Inventory Control

From bulk fresh cannabis to dried flower, oils, and everything in between, it’s easy to keep meticulous records of every substance.

Processing Your Product

Dry, extract, dilute, or mix your bulk product with a flexible module dedicated to recording the inputs and outputs of any manufacturing process.

Rapid Packaging

Package more, faster. Network-enabled scales and label printers are integrated into the product packaging workflow, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Comprehensive Client Database

Grow and manage your comprehensive client database, complete with document uploads, customizable medical profiles, communication logs, and more.

Prescription Management

Easily manage prescriptions with the security of automatically-enforced limits on all patient orders.

Canadian Insurance Coverage

Ample Organics works with Canada’s insurance options to limit out-of-pocket expenses.

Easy Onboarding

Easily create leads in your client database with our ready-to-use and custom form options.

Referral Friendly

A straightforward referral tracking system is built into the Ample Organics platform.


Clinics use our exclusive AmpleCare platform to digitally and instantly submit patient registrations directly to Ample Organics-powered Licensed Producers. Learn More.

Integrated E-commerce

Sell to your patients online through a customizable and secure webstore, fully integrated with your database.

Intelligent Inventory Control

Internal controls prevent your clients from ordering the wrong product and ensure that you never oversell your available inventory.

Pay Any Way

Work with over 150 payment processors and optionally accommodate delayed payment methods, like e-transfers, cheques, and money orders.

Commission-free Sales

We do not charge any commission on your orders, whether they’re placed over the phone or online.

Easy Labels

Ample Organics includes automated label printing. Quickly generate and print labels with all the information you need.

Built to Ship

The Ample Organics platform integrates with over 75 shipping carriers, providing real-time shipping rates and automatically generating shipping labels.

Report Everything

Easily generate reports of all kinds, including patient tracking, policy reimbursement, accounting software-friendly sales exports, and much more.

Cannabis Act Reports

Generate perfect Cannabis Act reports that adapt to the regulations as they evolve.

Quality Assurance Controls

Quality assurance controls are built into every facet of our workflow from seed to sale. All bulk and packaged product must have QA approval before being released.

Integrated Lab Reports

Link every bulk lot with lab test results and Certificates of Analysis, allowing your team and your clients to know the exact potency of all products in stock, even when it varies within a single product SKU.

Recall Ready

Mitigate the damage of a recall as quickly as possible. Our forensic tools will help you identify affected products and contact the relevant purchasers.

Track Adverse Reactions

Easily log patient complaints, open investigations, and execute corrective actions.

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