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What can Ample Organics’ ERP software do?

(Where do we start?)

Complete Plant Tracking

Ample Organics makes it easy to account for every single leaf with pinpoint accuracy. Using a simple, all-digital barcode system, you can track every movement and destruction in real-time.

Smart Harvests

Procedures for harvesting vary among cannabis producers, so we designed a flexible and efficient digital workflow for logging harvests where your team can record yield weight, waste destruction, and even rootball counts.

Bulk Inventory Control

We've simplified the way you manage and track your bulk fresh cannabis, dried flower, oils, and anything in between. With both weight and volume ledgers, Ample Organics keeps meticulous records of every substance you produce.

Processing Your Product

We've built a flexible module dedicated to recording the inputs and outputs of any manufacturing process. Use it for drying, extracting, diluting or mixing your bulk product.

Rapid Packaging

Ample Organics helps you package more, faster. Our platform integrates network-enabled scales and label printers into a seamless product packaging workflow, ensuring both accuracy and efficiency.

Comprehensive Client Database

Grow and manage your comprehensive client database, complete with document uploads, customizable medical profiles, communication logs, and more.

Prescription Management

Ample Organics makes managing prescriptions simple, and automatically enforces prescription limits on all orders created by your patient online or by a CSR in Ample Organics.

Easy Onboarding

Ample Organics is designed with onboarding in mind. You can easily create leads in your client database with our ready-to-use form, or use our API in your own custom form.

Referral Friendly

We know how valuable clinic referrals are to growing your client base. That's why we built a straightforward referral tracking system into Ample Organics.

Ample Care

Enjoy simple same-day patient registration through Ample Care – our exclusive, ACMPR-compliant platform that lets clinics pass patient registrations directly to LPs that use Ample Organics.

Integrated E-commerce

Ample Organics includes a fully functional webstore, accessible by your registered clients only. Your online shop is directly integrated with your database, so orders placed online are instantly accessible within Ample Organics.

Built to Ship

We've made it easy to get your product out the door. Ample Organics integrates with over 75 shipping carriers, providing real-time shipping rates and automatically generating shipping labels.

Pay Any Way

Ample Organics supports native integrations with over 150 payment processors, and can optionally accommodate delayed payment methods like e-transfers, cheques, and money order.

Intelligent Inventory Control

Ample Organics’ internal controls prevent your clients from ordering the wrong product and can ensure that you never oversell your available inventory.

Commission-free Sales

Ample Organics does not charge any additional commission on your orders, whether they're placed over the phone or online.

Report All The Things

Ample Organics allows you to easily generate reports of all kinds, including patient tracking, policy reimbursement, accounting software-friendly sales exports, and much more.

One-click ACMPR Reports

With Ample Organics, creating your monthly reports for Health Canada is dead simple. With one click you can generate perfect ACMPR reports that our team actively adapts to the regulations as they evolve.

Quality Assurance Controls

QA is key. That's why our team built quality assurance controls into every facet of our workflow from seed to sale. All bulk and packaged product must have QA approval before being released.

Integrated Lab Reports

Ample Organics links every bulk lot with its lab test results, allowing your team and your clients to know the exact potency of all products in stock, even when it varies within a single product SKU.

Recall Ready

When faced with a recall situation, Ample Organics is built to help you mitigate the damage as quickly as possible. Our tools will help you identify affected products and contact the relevant purchasers.

Track Adverse Reactions

If a patient reports adverse reactions, Ample Organics has tools to log complaints, open investigations, and execute corrective actions. It's all about ensuring quality and exploring how cannabis affects different individuals.

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