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About Ample Organics

We’re building the technological infrastructure for the global cannabis industry

We’re part of a new industry that’s making history.

Ample Organics is a software company building technology to support cannabis businesses. Our work is helping to shape a world where safe access to cannabis is universal—it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We’re developing tools that foster transparency, facilitate compliance, and build trust between cannabis licence holders, government bodies, and the public. Our clients use our products to create complete visibility into the origin and chain of custody of any cannabis product they produce.

We believe in the power of community.

Our clients and partners are intrinsic to our success and to the evolution of the cannabis industry. We’re working to build new products and improve our current offerings while maintaining the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and regulatory compliance.

We’re partnering with world-class technology companies, start-ups, consultants, and banking institutions—together, we can create a seamless business experience for the global cannabis industry.

The four values we live by

Our Values

Make a Difference

We demand that our work benefits our clients, partners, and the cannabis industry.

Be a Pioneer

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we celebrate innovation, passion, and ownership.

Have Integrity

As stewards of an emerging industry, we have a duty to build sustainable tools for the future and to act ethically.

Grow Together

We are never finished evolving, nor is the community that we serve. We strive to support, collaborate, and cultivate.

team ample

Our Executive Team

John Prentice

President & CEO

Evan McEwen

VP, Technology

Peter Slater, CFA

Chief Financial Officer

James Kwong

VP, Corporate Development & Data Analytics

Tom Ritchie

VP, Accounts & Education


Of Canada’s cannabis licence holders

1 million +

Orders processed

33 million +

Grams of cannabis tracked

Interested in launching your career in cannabis technology?

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