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cannabis compliance

Canada’s #1 seed-to-sale software is now available in Jamaica

Built for everyone

Cultivation, processing, selling, or research and development — the Ample Organics seed-to-sale solution works with any cannabis licence. Learn how our seed-to-sale software can satisfy the tracking and reporting requirements outlined by Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority.

  • Be application-ready with our support documentation for cannabis licence applications
  • Tie every product to an action and a timestamp for complete traceability
  • Produce compliance reports every hour, every two days, or whenever you need
  • Data can be stored locally or internationally, depending on your requirements

cannabis software for jamaica

Here’s how our cannabis seed-to-sale tracking technology makes compliance easy


  • Track every plant and bulk lot with individual tags
  • Record plant quantities, yield weight, and waste reduction with a flexible and efficient digital workflow
  • Receive purpose-built workflow prompts, track every action, and update records in real time with wireless scanners


  • Package your products and print labels that are compliant with government regulations
  • Record the inputs and outputs of any manufacturing process
  • Record destructions and account for every gram of waste product

Quality Assurance

  • Create reports that adapt to the regulations as they evolve
  • Associate every bulk lot with its lab report
  • Sign off on all bulk and packaged products, open investigations, and execute corrective actions

Patient Management

  • Easily manage prescriptions with the security of automatically-enforced limits
  • Pay any way—our cannabis payment solutions have everything you need
  • Keep meticulous records of every transaction

How does Ample Organics support Jamaican cannabis regulations?


Who’s Using Ample Organics in Jamaica?

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