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Ample Organics for regulators

Technology to help you create a safe, credible, and sustainable cannabis industry

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Why regulators love our products


As leaders in compliance technology, we build scalable products to serve the needs of the global cannabis industry.

Secure Technology

From user authentication and granular system permissions to advanced encryption and tokenization methods, we learn from best practices and go beyond industry standards to protect your data.

Holistic Approach

We’re building an ecosystem that will help regulators understand every facet of their regional supply chain.

See how our products support a healthy cannabis industry

Create transparency with a national Cannabis Tracking System

AmpleCentral allows regulators to collect and review all information submitted by licence holders within their region.

Gain granular insights into your cannabis market

AmpleData allows users to view trends, forecast sales, manage inventory, and create stories behind best selling products.

Easily purchase cannabis through a digital procurement platform

Ensure that the cannabis you acquire meets your safety standards. With AmpleExchange, you can select product bid requirements, request a Certificate of Analysis, and recall products quickly.

Empower your community with standardized education

Create a sustainable and scalable industry by providing access to standardized training on Ample Organics’ software.

Find out how we can help you build a thriving industry.

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