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Standardize Internal Training

Standardize Internal Training

Cultivate a team of experts: easily educate a workforce with a range of experience, train your team on the tools that matter, and create consistency within your organization.

Improve Business Efficiency

Improve Business Efficiency

Our curriculum is based on real-life interactions with the Ample Organics platform. Learn about the workflows, tools, and resources that can save you time and money.

Industry-Tested Content

AmpleLearn is a fundamental part of cannabis education programs across the country. Learn how to use the seed-to-sale platform that powers the global cannabis industry.

Dynamic Learning

A user-friendly platform, curated content, and guided videos make learning Ample Organics easy — join our host as we explore everything, from seed to sale and beyond.

Assessments and Insights

Progress reports provide insight for managers while learning assessments and individualized summaries allow students to reinforce what they’ve learned.

Teal Certifications

From cultivation to client services, quality assurance, inventory management, administration, and Ample Organics Champions, we’re setting the standard in seed-to-sale cannabis education.

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