In The Grow

An Ample Organics Video Series

Ample Organics is Canada’s leading cannabis business solution, serving 70% of the nation’s licensed producers and 167,400 Canadian medical patients. Designed for Canada’s Cannabis Act, the platform was built to make compliance, transparency, and traceability easy.

Prior to legalization, John X. Prentice, Founder and CEO of Ample Organics, provided some thoughts on the industry, the innovations, and the future of cannabis.

In the Grow: Public Safety

The tracking and reporting of cannabis goes beyond standard pharmaceutical practices. John X. Prentice talks about the transparency that the seed-to-sale process brings to the cannabis industry and how that protects the public.

In the Grow: Canadian Innovation

From insulin to instant replay, Canadians have always been at the forefront of groundbreaking technology. John X. Prentice speaks about the Canadian innovations that are redefining what’s possible.

In the Grow: A Budding Cannabis Industry

Canada is the first G7 country to legalize cannabis on the federal level. John X. Prentice speaks to the resulting jobs, ancillary products, and the many ways in which Canada is shaping industry norms.

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