Tracking and Reporting Cannabis in Jamaica, as per The Dangerous Drugs Act

Regulation* Supported by Ample Organics Dangerous Drugs Act (Cannabis Licensing) (Interim) Regulations, 2016
I. All Licences (Cultivator, Processing, Transport, Retail, and Research and Development)
Weekly reconciliation of all ganja handled, sold, purchased and/or disposed of Yes 5. (e)
Full accounting of all transactions undertaken, including the price for which ganja was purchased and sold by the licensee, and sufficient information as would enable the Authority to trace, back to the supplier, the ganja purchased by the licensee Yes 5. (d)
Written report to the Authority as to the quantity of all ganja remaining in the cultivation or control of the holder upon the date of expiration Yes 35. (1)(a)
II. Cultivator’s Licence
A proposal for the implementation of a system to monitor, track and trace all ganja cultivated on the proposed cultivation site Yes 11. (f)
Cultivation cannot exceed the maximum quantity of ganja specified on the licence Yes 14. (b)
Each ganja plant must be tagged with a unique identifier Yes 14. (c)
Intermittent reports on ongoing activities taking place on the premises – weekly for Tier 1 and every two days for Tiers 2 and 3. In the event of ‘exceptional events’, this report must be submitted with 24 hours. Reports may also be requested by the Authority at their discretion Yes 14. (d)(i)
Observation of directives given by Authority for the disposal of ganja cultivated in excess of amount permitted by the licence or which remains undried for more than twenty-one days after harvesting, unless paragraph 2(c)(i) applies Yes 14. (1)(i)(ii)
The bags provided by the Authority under this regulation shall be labelled with identifiers unique to the licensee, which may include the relevant licence number, a unique lot number and the result of any potency or safety tests done Yes 15. (3)
Any drying and curing of the ganja after harvesting must not exceed 21 days Yes 14. (i)
III. Retail Licence
Sale or use of ganja for the purpose specified in paragraph (1), shall be (a) in accordance with the prescription or written recommendation of a registered medical practitioner; or Yes 24. (2)(1)(a)
(b) limited, in the case of a person who is not ordinarily resident in Jamaica, and who satisfies the criteria mentioned in section 7D(10)(a) and (b) of the Act, to a quantity not exceeding two ounces, in accordance with a permit issued under section 7D(11) of the Act Yes 24. (2)(1)(b)
A log must be kept of all transactions bought, delivered and sold by the licensee Yes 25. (b)

How Ample Organics supports cannabis regulations in Jamaica

In 2015, the Government of Jamaica passed an amendment to the Dangerous Drugs Act which legalized the production, processing, and sale of medical cannabis. The amendment established the nation’s Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), the government body responsible for the issuing of cannabis licences and the enforcement of Jamaica’s cannabis licensing regulations.

The chart above outlines the tracking and reporting requirements for cannabis license holders, per the Dangerous Drugs (Cannabis Licensing) Regulations that are supported by Ample Organics’ seed-to-sale software. Individuals applying for a cannabis licence with the Cannabis Licensing Authority can use seed-to-sale tracking software to aid in compliance with Jamaica's cannabis regulations.

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