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The Cannabis Act Support Documentation

We provide you with a document that outlines how Ample Organics satisfies the Record Keeping (Section 11) requirements of Health Canada’s application to become a Licensed Producer, which you can drop directly into your application.


Ample Organics was built to facilitate compliance with Health Canada’s Cannabis Act reporting requirements. The platform is always evolving to accommodate changing regulations.

Canadian Insurance Coverage

Provincial, NIHB, Veterans Affairs Canada, private, or a combination, Ample Organics works with Canada’s insurance providers to limit out-of-pocket expenses, allowing everyone to get the most out of the coverage available.

Complete mobility

Complete mobility

No computers on carts. No clipboards.

Actions in your grow rooms and production facilities are performed with wireless scanner guns. Everything is time-stamped and associated with a user and your records are updated instantly, even if your internet connection fails. With Ample Organics, you’re always ready for a visit from Health Canada. Learn more.

We're in this Together.

Planning and Consultation

Our team is comprised of industry experts with years of experience in facilities and in Health Canada’s Office of Medical Cannabis. We are happy to share the best practices we’ve learned to help you navigate difficult situations.

The Ample Organics Community

We are collaborating with a massive network of passionate people. From growers to producers, distributors, wholesalers, investors, and everyone in between, we love to make connections that help everyone thrive.

Our Friendly API

The Ample Organics platform is never finished evolving, nor is the community that we serve. In an effort to support, collaborate, and cultivate, we’ve based the Ample Organics platform on a Core API, making integration easy.

“The depth of their industry knowledge and contacts extends well beyond their product offering… Do yourself a favour and start with the best.

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“With just a few simple steps we are able to pick, pack and ship effortlessly while maintaining the compliancy requirements of the ACMPR.”

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