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Canada’s #1 seed-to-sale software is now available in Jamaica.

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Built for everyone

Cultivation, processing, selling, or research and development — the Ample Organics seed-to-sale solution works with any cannabis licence.

Be application ready

We provide you with a document that explains how our platform can satisfy the tracking and reporting requirements outlined by Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority.

Track every seed, plant, gram, and millilitre

Propagation, vegetation, production, and even destruction — Ample Organics ties every product to an action and a timestamp. The platform makes it possible to trace a product directly to the mother plant and supplier.

Generate compliance reports on demand

Produce compliance reports every hour, every two days, or whenever you need. With Ample Organics, you’re always ready for a visit from the Cannabis Licensing Authority.

Store all data securely

The platform operates in the cloud and is compliant with all major international security laws and regulations. All data is stored locally in Jamaica.

Here’s how our cannabis software makes compliance easy

Track everything icon

Track everything

Track every plant and bulk lot with individual tags.

Harvest icon


Easily log harvest information. Record plant quantities, yield weight, and waste reduction with a flexible and efficient digital workflow that is built to scale with your facility.

Be mobile icon

Be mobile

Wireless scanners provide purpose-built workflow prompts, track every action, and update records in real time — even if your internet fails.

Label with ease icon

Label with ease

Our streamlined workflows allow you to easily package your products and print labels that are compliant with government regulations.

Process icon


Dry, extract, dilute, or mix your bulk product with a flexible module dedicated to recording the inputs and outputs of any manufacturing process.

Record destructions icon

Record destructions

Account for every gram of waste product.

Generate reports icon

Generate reports

Easily create reports that adapt to the regulations as they evolve.

Link lab results icon

Link lab results

Associate every bulk lot with its lab report, allowing your team to know the exact potency of all products in stock.

Maintain quality assurance icon

Maintain quality assurance

Sign off on all bulk and packaged products, record lab reports, log patient complaints, open investigations, and execute corrective actions.

Manage Prescriptions icon

Manage Prescriptions

Easily manage prescriptions with the security of automatically-enforced limits.

Pay any way icon

Pay any way

Retail POS, eCommerce, and corporate cards—our cannabis payment solutions have everything you need.

Control inventory icon

Control inventory

From bulk fresh cannabis to dried flower, oils, and everything in between, it’s easy to keep meticulous records of every substance.

How does Ample Organics satisfy Jamaican cannabis regulations?

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Ample Organics has been providing the technological infrastructure for the Canadian cannabis industry since 2014. Today, 70% of the Canadian market uses our seed-to-sale platform to track and report every stage of their growth, production, and sales processes.

Our seed-to-sale platform is now available in Jamaica, Australia, Colombia, and Germany, with more partners signing on every day. We are proud to be developing the global cannabis industry according to the highest standards of transparency and compliance.

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